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Calgary, Alberta
Multinational Foods
1210 - 58 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2H 2C9
Phone: 1 (403) 261-8833
Toll free: 1 (800) 519-8833
Fax: 1 (403) 261-8833
Vancouver, British Columbia
Multinational Foods
Unit 138, 12759 Vulcan Way
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada V6V 3C8
Phone: 1 (604) 273-5899
Fax: 1 (604) 273-9640
General Manager
Rick Meixner
(403) 692-2851 (direct)
(604) 626-6557 (cell)
Rick has been in the food service industry for over 33 years. Rick spends a lot of his time traveling the world to align the company with reliable, quality, international packers; and sourcing unique products for the Canadian marketplace. He has played a leading role in developing long standing international relationships that are the cornerstone of Multi-National's success over the years. Rick's approach is to engage with people openly, honestly and respectfully. And to enjoy life to the fullest.
Senior Trader
Terry Anderson
(403) 692-2852 (direct)
(403) 615-6600 (cell)
Terry has been working with Multi-National Foods for more than 17 years as a Senior Sales-Trader. He enjoy talking to the customers and developing a rapport that goes beyond the sale. Terry brings a wealth of sales expertise to his role at Multi-National and has always found honesty and integrity the keys to success. Terry enjoys working at Multi-National Foods because of the team of great people that comprise the Multi-National family.
Bob Ahamed
(778) 737-1589 (direct)
(778) 319-8656 (cell)
(778) 737-1580 (fax)
With over 25 years in the industry, Bob brings a wealth of expertise as meat and seafood sales specialist and purchaser to Multinational. Bob sources various products from the international market for clients across Canada. Prior to joining Multinational five years ago, Bob resided and worked in Kyushu, Japan for nearly a decade.
Senior Trader
Larry Farrell
(403) 692-2854 (direct)
(403) 801-4310 (cell)
Seafood Specialist
Mark Rossum
(604) 273-5899 (direct)
(604) 349-6617 (cell)
(604) 273-9640 (fax)
With more than 30 years in the seafood industry, Mark sources wild Albacore Tuna and other West Coast seafood for the Asian Sashimi market and other major distribution centres in the U.S. Mark enjoys bridging the gap between the North American supply and Asian distribution and likes the flexibility and independence of his role. He also enjoys meeting his customers at various conferences and trade shows across North America. Mark rides his bike to work most days. Down time includes swimming and bbq-ing with family and friends.
Chris Krentz
(403)692-2872 (direct)
(403) 689-0233 (cell)
Accounts Receivable/Branch Credit Rep.
Nicola Peeler
(403) 692-2856
Nicola has been working for Multi-National Foods since 2014 and brings more than 10 years experience to her role as Branch Credit Representative. Nicola enjoys talking to customers and keeping Multi-National's financial aspects in good form. She is appreciative of Multi-National positive work environment and considers herself a positive and outgoing addition to Multi-National's great team.
Office Manager
Ethel Rodriguez
(403) 692-2869 (direct)
(403) 971-0985 (cell)
My name is Ethel and I have been working at Multi-National Foods for over six years, as Office Manager. I see the importance of providing all the departments with prompt and accurate information to ensure the company's consistent top performance. I am able to use my native Spanish language to liaise with our South American suppliers and assist on projects accordingly.