Welcome to Multi-National Foods!

This website has been designed to give you some information about our company and what we do.

Who We Are

Multi-National Foods was established in 1978 and has become a leader within the Meat Trading Industry.

Over the years we have grown with the industry. We have gained experience, grown our sales staff and expanded our locations with offices in Calgary and Vancouver, in order to meet the changing needs and unique requirements of a multi-cultural country.

We have positioned ourselves with suppliers around the world and have brought that value to our customers. Click here to learn more about our story.

What We Sell

Multi-National Foods handles domestic and imported beef, poultry, pork, veal, lamb, mutton, goat, and seafood products sourced worldwide.

Our well established relationships with our producers and suppliers are an attractive benefit for our customers. While we keep our key relationships, we also continuously travel the world in search of new products and opportunities.

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We have two locations; our International Head Office and Logistics Center are located in Calgary, Alberta and our Satellite Office in Vancouver, British Columbia.